A flaming product review.

Review of Optimyst Oakhurst Electric fire

I purchased this fire last year around March 2015 and have been using it ever since. It was part of a modernisation I was doing in my main lounge area. Removing a fireplace and creating an opening that this model would fit into.

The flame effect had caught my eye when I had passed it in a store and intrigued me how it worked.

I did some research and read up on it. I purchased the unit once the fireplace was ready and installed it. The flame effect was very impressive and once I had mastered the correct intensity so the door could remain closed and not have vapour over the inside it worked a treat. It all runs on filtered water you know, no ashes to clean etc.


I thought I would write this review to make you aware of the various areas where Dimplex may want to develop solutions that will last longer when the unit is used frequently.

  • Issue one
    • When using the fire the smell of resin was quite high. I assumed this would eventually settle but it persisted. I could tell that this was coming from the logs themselves as they were resin cast. I did contact Dimplex and you kindly sent me replacements as some had left the factory prior to curing properly. Most appreciated. The replacements however arrived and the main log across the top was loose and had disconnected at one end. I reported this and was told another set would be sent out and they duly were. Again the main log across the top was loose. The third set was dispatched and wrapped in a lot more layers of protection and it was OK. So that problem was resolved. Thank you for all your help here and patience.
  • Issue two
    • I clean the unit as recommend and made sure that the water is put through my filter jug prior to using. When cleaning the internal pieces I noticed that the transducer unit that creates the vapour was starting to pit and become rusty.
      transducer unit

      Fig 1

      (Fig 1) I photographed this and emailed Dimplex to ask if this was meant or expected to happen. Someone kindly phoned me back and we had a chat and they said it would not be expected and they would send me another replacement unit. My one was still producing the flame effect so I kept using it until a few weeks later it seemed to stop producing the flames. I then popped in the replacement they had sent me. I have now been using the replacement for a good few months and it is starting to become pitted again? I clean the workings and dust etc. every 10 days approximately. I have not reported this as I decided to write this review to see if some of these issues and comments might help in bettering the product development. (I work with a lot of manufacturing companies and understand the review process and complaint handling, leading to product improvements or modifications.) This has also been sent directly to Dimplex.

  • Issue three
    • The log effect resin unit that sits on top of the tank and lights up nicely has a foam seal around the outside edge to prevent light leakage coming up at the edges and taking away from the overall effect I assume. I have noted over the last four months that the foam at one side, at least, the glue has melted and become sticky.
      Fig 2

      Fig 2

      (Fig 2) The foam edging has come off or slipped down. I constantly push it back into positon when I put the logs back in. But the heat from the bulbs is obviously causing the glue to melt and the foam to detach. A solution for this might be a thing to consider.

I have not at this stage used the fan heater as this unit was purchased for the flame effect only and the overall look of the lounge when finished.

Credit where credit is due

I want to take this moment to say that the look of the fire is exactly what I expected and makes the lounge look the way I had expected and has been commented on by visitors and family alike. A great idea and looks and plays its part well. If it wasn’t for these small irritations that I have explained above. The unit is not even a year old yet.

This is an unusual piece of tech for me to review, but hey it is not all about the latest watch or phone. This is practical and looks great.

What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “A flaming product review.

  1. I am having the same smell and it’s my second fire first fire was different model but had it a couple off years no smell but this smells that bad it’s giving me headache

  2. The smell eventually went away as the resin cured. But I did have it for some time. even with replacement logs. My fire is now over 18 months old and I am getting a buzzing noise from the transducer when it creates the flame effect. £100 for a new one, however. Hope you get the smell sorted.

  3. Hi guys, a couple of comments here. The mist is created by two items. A transducer and a fan. I have since found out that the noise was the fan that had started to fail and not the transducer. I, however, have replaced both.
    I have had another email question with regard to the fan and can another higher amp be used. I am not a service engineer for these units and would recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the unit. I sourced a new fan from Dimplex and it wasn’t that expensive. Hope these comments help.

  4. I have had my Dimplex Optymist for 25 months now. For the first 5 months it sat in the box for because we were having the house revamped. When we started to use the fire, the transducer stopped working after 6 months. I told Dimplex and they quickly sent me a new part. That was a year ago, that part has now failed so no mist.
    The transducer has pitted and there are rust patches on the metal, despite cleaning regularly. I love the overall look of the fire, but I am disappointed with the length of time and with the quality of the transducer. I would not have expected to replace the part on a yearly basis, nor would I expect the part to rust.

  5. Hi Megan
    Thanks for the comment. I am still using my one after 4 years and have had three transducers and two fans. The transducer does seem to go pitted after time and no matter how often you clean it. In my original article, you will see I raised that with Dimplex and they sent me a new one, like what they did for you. The others I have purchased my self. I do like my fire and must also admit to having it on most evenings for the ambience and just to stare at it.

    • Hello there, have you ever had any issues with peeling paint or condensation caused by the steam, I have read this in some reviews ? Thx K

      • The condensation issue is easily handled and is caused by the flame affect being turned up too high with the doors closed. Either open the doors slightly or turn the flaming effect down a few levels. I haven’t experienced any peeling paint at all..

  6. i have only just started using my opti myst fire and it has develooed a leak, gas anyone else had this problem?

  7. Hi Isobel
    Have you checked the sump for crack that would cause a leak?
    If you have just started using it, you should check with Dimplex as it should still be under guarantee. This isn’t a problem I have had.



  8. just wanted to say you don’t have to buy a full transducer you can just buy a new disc and tool £12 from amazon I have only just found this out as every year I have to buy a new transducer I have just fitted a new disc and it works fine dimplex did not say anything about just repalceing the disc but it worked for me so try a new disc first .

    • Interesting I had never thought of just changing the disk. Does this work out as competitively as buying a new transducer?

  9. I have had the same problem with the transducer it has gone rusty and pitted after only 6 months. The mist just billows out and does not look like real flames now. Dimplex are sending out a replacement transducer. I have also noticed that when I have the flame effect on my gas hob burns orange flames even though the fire is in my lounge and my gas hob is in the kitchen. It took me ages to work out that it was the fire causing the flames on my hob to burn orange I googled it and I think it is something to do with the humidity that the fire causes. I also have a real Christmas tree which I always have each year and this has died this year I had the tree replaced and again the tree has died not sure if it is just a bad batch of trees or if it is something to do with the fire as I did not have the fire last year. Anyone else had issues with gas hobs or trees?

  10. Yes, the transducer rusts and pits quickly sadly. The flames not working well I found to be the fan needed to be replaced. It also started making a noise. So replacing this changed the dynamics of the fire. The other items you speak off I have never came across these in my setup so couldn’t comment.

    • Hi the transducer has arrived today and the flames have gone back to normal. I think the fan is ok as I have looked at it while it is on and I could see it spinning or would you recommend ringing dimplex and asking for that to be replaced too

      • The fan is what pushes the mist across and up through the coals of logs. The transducer creates a mist effect. I replaced the fane due to it making a noise, I think the bearings may have gone. It cured the flames and all other effect problems.

  11. I’ve had an Oakhust optymist stove for nine years. Issues are
    1. I’ve had three printed circuit boards.
    Luckily I’ve been able to purchase these and strip the fire down to replace them otherwise the labour cost would total more than the price of the fire
    2. Four of the orange plastic mist dispenser – the fan shaped part.
    These age harden and crack especially round the holes where the self tapping screws screw in to the plastic – cause a stress fracture.
    3. Three screw caps for the water tank as they crack and fall apart.
    This could be a superb product but design and build quality is appalling

    • Thanks for your comments. I have replaced many of those parts for the same reasons you explained. I am about to strip down and replace the circuit board. Wish me luck.

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