Nexus 7 Test Drive Part 1

Google nexus 7

Yes I know I am late in this as everyone and their mother seems to have done a review already on the nexus 7. But there is nothing like actually test driving something for yourself to be able to give a honest review and tell your followers all the good things and bad things.

So here I go, I have been given a Nexus 7 to test drive for a few weeks and see if I can adapt from using a 10 inch screen down to a 7 inch. To be honest I thought this would be a major problem and one of my first points to raise in a review, however here is what I am finding so far. You decide: –

Day 1

1. Smaller size. (Positive) (198.5 x 120 x 10.45 mm)
2. Good resolution (Positive) (7” 1280×800 (216ppi))
3. Fast (Positive) (NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor)
4. Stable (Positive) (Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean))
5. Easy to use (Positive)
6. Easy to handle (Positive)
7. Lighter to carry around (Positive)  (340g (WiFi Only))
8. Need a case that stands by itself as opposed to flexible case. (Negative)
9. Smaller screen size not an issue as I thought it would be (Positive)
10. Battery life so far very good, day one (Positive) (4,325 mAh battery)
11. Connection very fast to networks and internet. (Positive) (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n)

9.30pm day one and battery is still 65%. Have used it a reasonable amount so very good battery usage. Liking it a lot. The screen size does not seem to be an issue and I have adapted very easily to the 7 inch factor. The resolution is amazing of course and this certainly helps.(7” 1280×800 (216ppi))
Struggling to find real negatives with this.

Day 2

Used it on and off today. Battery still 75% at 8pm at night.
Connected to a number of different networks and all went well. Still no problems with anything. Read material on it today and screen was OK with reading in a number of different lighting conditions. The real benefit was it fitted into my inside pocket of my jacket, my 10 inch can’t do this I am afraid.
Negatives today, none to report so far.
Did not charge overnight will see tomorrow how battery is and how long it lasts.
56% when I shut it down at 11.45pm

Will report as the test drive progresses and see what else I find, so far no real negatives to report, but I am sure there must be some. I suppose it would be good to try a Wi-Fi and data package Nexus, maybe next time.

Watch this space and see how this develops.

Which tablet device do you have and why have you chosen it? What rings your bells when you think of such a device?

Ian Thomson

Founder/Senior Trainer/Consultant

IT Turning Point

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