Ok, OK….we haven’t posted for a while!

nexus 7 2013

Sorry we haven’t potsed for a while holidays can do that to you. We have had a very busy spell and then a overdue holiday.

But what’s all the tech news, well things are always moving in the tech world and we are monotoring the new rumours of the latest Iphone to hit the shelves, later this year, the new Xbox One and the new Playstation. The transformation of the screens we use, we will be writing up a blog on that very soon.

But the most exciting news for us is that we are about to take proud ownership of the new Nexus 7 this weekend and will be doing a followup to the test drive we did on the previous one to report to you what the changes are and how we get on with it. It is one of these things that stirs the anticiaption and makes you excited and wonder if it will outstrip what we have experienced on the previous version and be as sturdy and have such a long battery life.

The specs have inproved considerably so the performance should be different, the screen will be the highest resolution on the market for a 7″ tablet. But will this come at the cost of the battery life being reduced? Our testing will tell and we will tell you.

Watch this space for the test drive blog.

Have you bought  tablet or new phone recently, what were your experiences?

Ian Thomson
Founder/Senior Trainer/Consultant
IT Turning Point

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