Why Change?

Morning folks. I wanted to pop on with a quick post.

In case you didn’t know I offer IT consultancy that lets small to medium organisations review what IT they have and how they are using IT and I advise on what is out there and how they may be able to adopt new and developing kit that would make them work smarter and not harder.

I popped on today to say that I still get the same old argument from some organisations that are resistant to change.

“We have always done it this way and it has served us well.”

What needs to be understood is that the world of IT is constantly evolving, I mean daily if not hourly. Now we don’t need to adopt the latest and greatest to do our work, but knowing what is there and how it may make things smoother for us and our customers is a must. Why?

Because if we don’t move with the IT developments then our competitors will.

Things that evolving your IT can help with: –

1: Increase productivity

2: Increase staff contentment. (Surveys suggest staff irritation with ageing IT is a main cause of strife)

3: Bring in more revenue, due to increased productivity.

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Have a great day folks.